Justin Timberlake is one of my all time favorite entertainers, hands down. He's so incredibly talented, and has personality in spades. It seems like everything he's attempted he's nailed, but could he make it in Country Music?

I think he could. He's got Memphis soul, and can croon with the best of him, but he grew up on Garth Brooks in the mid-nineties just like the rest of us. Last December, in Nashville he even brought Garth on stage to sing 'Friends in Low Places' with him. During that special moment it was clear that he idolized the country super star.

After that moment, and after seeing him cover, Garth, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley during his live show in Dallas last year, I've been wondering if he would cross-over.

I certainly think he's got the musical chops to do it, but would Country Radio accept him? I think he's testing the waters, not unlike Taylor Swift began doing a few years ago. She crossed the divide in the opposite direction, winning over pop radio with cross-over songs first, and then releasing '1989,' maybe you've heard of it.

My gut instinct tells me that Timberlake will at some point go for it. He may begin as a guest featured performer to further test his acceptance by Country fans, but I think it's on his bucket list. I would buy the album, would you?

Check out this performance with Chris Stapleton from the 49th Annual CMA Awards and weigh in below.

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