The following post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Beware, True Believers.

Spider-Man: No Way Home gave fans exactly what they had been asking for for years: The return of Tobey Maguire’s and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series and Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man movies. These weren’t brief cameos, either; both characters were major supporting players in the story. They didn’t just team up with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. They hung out with him, offered him advice, and cracked joke about life as a friendly neighborhood superhero. But instead of giving the characters a final sendoff, Maguire and Garfield’s roles were so good, they only whetted Spider-Man fans appetite for even more movies featuring these characters.

So will we ever see a Spider-Man 4 or The Amazing Spider-Man 3? That’s the subject of our latest Spider-Man video, which explores what these characters have been doing since we last saw them in their previous franchise farewells, and what they could potentially do in future sequels. See what the future of the Spider-Verse looks like below:

If you liked that video about the future of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man after No Way Home, check out more of our videos below, including what’s next for Spider-Man in the MCU, how Venom will join the MCU, and our spoiler-filled review of No Way Home. Plus, there’s tons more over at ScreenCrush’s YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to catch all our future episodes. Spider-Man: No Way Home is in theaters now. The next Marvel movie is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is scheduled to premiere on May 6, 2022.

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