Well it's shaping up to be the biggest winter storm East Texas has seen in a while - rain - sleet - freezing rain - snow - all that's creating dangerous road and travel conditions.

With all of that wet and frozen stuff falling on East Texas roads, navigating them is going to be treacherous and a dangerous thing to do. One thing we should do in times like this is just STAY HOME! Unless there is an absolute emergency and you have to get out, you should just stay at home. Of course we'll turn on the news and they'll be showing those drivers that are out there acting all confident sayin' 'I got this, I can drive on ice and snow' who end up doing a donut across three lanes of the road or highway or they end up in the middle of the intersection. And hopefully not causing an accident.

Please don't be that person. If you don't have to get out and get on the roads in these winter weather conditions don't. But just in case you have to, here are some winter weather driving tips that just might end up saving your life.

  • Make sure someone knows your leaving along with your route
  • Toss a blanket or two in the back, in case you get stranded you have something to keep warm in
  • Bag of kitty litter to help you out of a slick spot
  • Don't rush, have plenty of time to get to destination
  • Drive slower than normal. It's a lot harder to stop on a slick or icy surface
  • Stay off your cell phone
  • Slow into a turn, make the turn and accelerate out of the turn
  • Tackle the skid the right way - don't panic - don't brake hard - take foot off gas - steer in direction you want to go - let car slow down to regain control

Here are some tips from AAA:

The Texarkana Police Department posted this infographic on their Facebook page recently:

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office posts these additional tips on their Facebook page:

So if you have to be out on the streets with roads full of ice and snow, please be cautious and drive slow.

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