With restrictive new age enforcement laws, Texans are seeing their access to adult content slam shut online. Major adult websites like P*rnhub and Redtube have opted to exclude Texas from their content altogether.

Attorney General Ken Paxton has sued other adult websites like XHamster, as he attempts to enforce these new laws with the threat of "fines of up to $10,000 per day" for failure to comply with HB 1181.

His argument that these sites want to present their material to children is disingenuous at best. The real issue is that the laws require an invasion of the viewer's privacy. I don't want to submit my driver's license to an adult website- would you? What happens if there's a hack and the world knows my (possibly really weird) desires?

unsplash/ canva
unsplash/ canva

With no reasonable solution in sight, will folks forgo this material? Of course not, but they may seek it in other places. Perhaps even the real world. 

Vintage formats are chic for other pursuits- I have a large collection of vinyl records and I know plenty of people with walls of VHS tapes or decades-old consoles. Why wouldn't p*rn go analog, too?

Will Texas see a resurgence of the "adult bookstore" with DVDs and magazines? Is it strange that I'd kind of like to see it happen?

The internet is all about instant gratification. I'm not sure that's the best thing for cultivating real desire. The ritual of visiting a store, the delayed joy of removing the black plastic from a magazine, it sounds... kinda romantic? Am I losing it here?

I don't think so. Maybe this will be for the best, despite what the law really intended.

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