In a hilarious Reddit story re-posted to Twitter, a woman recounted terrorizing her sister-in-law with a life-size cardboard cutout of none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The woman, 32, began her story by calling her sister-in-law, 43, "super nosey," before launching into the tale of her revenge.

"She's one of those people that will just deny something to death, no matter how much proof you have, and then get angry at you for not believing her," she shared, justifying her prank.

The woman's guest bathroom is connected to her bedroom. She explained that she believes her sister-in-law will sometimes sneak into her bedroom from the bathroom. She even claimed to have recently heard an extra door closing, so she confronted her sister-in-law.

"Why would I go in your bedroom?" the sister-in-law replied.

To further investigate, the woman then placed a small item behind the door to see if it moved after her sister-in-law used the guest bathroom. It did — so she again confronted her sister-in-law who denied snooping and told her to "get over herself."

That's when the woman decided to take things up a notch. She ordered a life-size cardboard cutout of The Rock and placed the cutout in her bedroom, facing the bathroom door.

The next time her sister-in-law went to the bathroom, the woman heard "a scream, a thud and a door slam."

"She came out, clearly angry. She'd been quite startled and slammed her upper arm into the door frame," the woman wrote, finally confirming the sneaky sibling had been going into her bedroom after all.

Meanwhile, her brother-in-law stirred the pot by asking, "Well, why were you in their bedroom?"

Apparently, the sister-in-law refused to answer and the two left.

Later, the agitated sister-in-law posted about her bruise on Facebook and credited a "nasty prank" for the injury.

"I feel badly that she was hurt. It wasn't my intention. But I might be the a--hole because I still think it was hilarious," the woman concluded her story.

Reactions varied. "Don't do pranks, for any reason, just don't prank people," one Twitter user commented.

"If she had put the cutout in SIL’s car or bed, that would be a prank. Since it was in her own bedroom, a place she asked her SIL not to go, less of a prank and more of a security system," another person pointed out.

The original post appeared to come from Reddit's popular AITA subforum. Read the full story below:

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