'X-Factor' may not have produced many stars, or be the highest rated talent search based show on television. But the talent and stories of the contestants is what makes the show. One contestant in particular had one goal in mind when he auditioned. It wasn't to win the title or a $5 million dollar contract, but something much more meaningful.

When 26 year old David Correy auditioned for 'X-Factor' he had one goal in mind: to find his birth mother. His mother was only 14 when he was born, and Correy was adopted from Brazil about the age of one or two by a family in the United States. During his audition he told the judges of his reasoning for being there, and how he hopes that being on the show will help him find his birth mother.

“I got a great family. They adopted me around the time I was 1 or 2 years old. I love my family to death but it’s the curiosity of wanting to know where I came from, if she sings and what she looks like. I feel like the not knowing is why I sing with so much soul.” Correy said just before he sang for the judges. The judges loved his performance, his soul, and the goal he had. He was sent through and was chosen as part of L.A. Reid's team for the finals.

When his episode of 'X-Factor' aired in Brazil, a woman by the name of Luciene Lima recognized his baby photos, which were shown in the episode, and had a feeling that she was Correy’s birth mother. She went through the Brazilian court system to trace the adoption of her son, finding out it was indeed Correy. She reached out to local media to help her contact his family in the United States.

While a DNA test has yet to be performed, there is little doubt that these two are mother and son. A close friend of David's tells TMZ, "David is so happy -- and he can't wait to meet her for the first time." Catch David this Wednesday and Thursday on 'X-Factor' at 8 pm on Fox