Watching singing competition shows throughout the years, I have grown accustomed to some harsh comments from various judges from time to time. But a pair of judges from the New Zealand version of the X Factor went too far with a tirade last weekend.

The judges who lashed out at a contestant were a husband and wife team, Natalia Kills and Willy Moon.

Natalia unleashed on a contestant by calling him a doppelganger and accused him of copying her husband's style for his performance. She continued tearing this guy apart and all throughout this, not once did she talk about his performance.

Her husband, Willy, gets in on the comments by saying he's a laughing stock and refers to him as Norman Bates from the movie 'Psycho.' This tirade from the two continues and when Natalia says she's disgusted, another female judge on the panel jumps in to defense of the contestant.

This other judge reassures there's nothing wrong with him and that he looks better than the judge's husband!

Both judges have been fired from the show and when the show aired last night, their chairs were empty!

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