If your stash of fireworks from New Year's is running low, you'll be able to replenish it soon as Texas celebrates San Jacinto Day on April 21st! Smith County Commissioners approved an order to allow the sale of fireworks within Smith County from April 16th - 21st thanks to the 84th Texas Legislature passing House Bill 1150 last year allowing local counties to approve the sale of fireworks beyond the traditional July 4th and New Year's selling seasons.

Previously firework stand operators were only allowed to sell fireworks for those two holiday only but now they may sell fireworks on three additional holidays to allow Texans to celebrate three more dates if the sale is approved by local county commissioner courts. Those three additional holidays are:

  • Texas Independence Day on March 2nd
  • San Jacinto Day on April 21st
  • Memorial Day on May 29th

One of the major factors the court looks at to allow for the sales of fireworks on these additional dates is the drought index. Smith County Fire Marshal Connie McCoy-Wasson says in a press release that the index they look at is relatively low as compared to the index number they would use to issue a burn ban. Fireworks will not be allowed to be sold during burn bans. The Smith County Commissioners Court will meet later to determine whether or not they will allow fireworks to be sold for Memorial Day.

Because you can shoot off fireworks on any day of the year in Smith County, if you're stockpile of firecrackers, fountains and sparklers is running low, now would be a good time to stock up!

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