I don't know much about candles. I don't get super excited over candles. I do like the smell of them but I will leave the candle expertise to my girlfriend. I'm not a complete loaf, however, when it comes to candles. When you say Yankee Candle, I know what you're talking about. You would think that the late founder of Yankee Candle, Michael Kittredge II, would be a pretty straight laced dude. His former home for sale would suggest otherwise.

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You Would Not Think He was a Candle Maker

Yankee Candle founder, Michael Kittredge II, passed away in 2019 at the age of 67. However, his former home in Massachusetts just recently hit the real estate market. Candles sound pretty boring so you would think that the founder would be the same. Just by looking through his home, I would think he was just the opposite.

What are you getting for $23 million?

This 120,000 square foot home is spread out over eight buildings on 60 acres. The home has 16 bedrooms, a spa, four tennis courts, two car barns (not garages, barns) a 9-hole golf course, pool, indoor water park, a concert stage, a video game arcade, a bowling alley and a ton of other amenities.

If Had that Kind of Money, I Would Buy This in a Heartbeat

If I were a multimillionaire, this would almost be to the "T" be what I would build. This estate would not only be your home, it would be a permanent vacation. Wake up on a Tuesday, I think I'll play some golf. Wake up on Thursday, I guess I'll spend a day in the arcade. Have some friends over on a Saturday night where you've hired a band to play in your own concert hall. This home is awesome.

Sure, its in little ole Massachusetts so you'd probably have to root for the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots (ugh) but I think I could bite the bullet just for the constant entertainment this home provides.

You Can Buy the Founder of Yankee Candle's Very Fun Home in Massachusetts

I don't know much about candles but I wouldn't think there would be anything fun about them. That can't be said for the founder of Yankee Candle as his home is a vacation every day.

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