I have two cats, and yes two cats are better than one. BuzzFeed nails this video.

My two cats were both adopted on the same day from separate litters. They were named after the classic country singing duo of George Jones and Tammy Wynette.

That was before I discovered that George is actually a female. She was quite fluffy near her backside when she was a kitten. She now goes by Georgie. Both of my little darlings have been spayed and they no longer have their front claws, so they cause less destruction but they will remain in the house.

They are both 8 years old now, and have given me endless hours of entertainment over the years. Tammy is the domestic short hair with all of the stripes, and the funny looking eye -- our vet assures me nothing is wrong with it. Georgie is the solid black domestic long hair with the intensely golden eyes.

They each have their own distinct personalities and are both very loving with me. They would be lap cats if I allowed them to be, but they tend to hide from visitors.

On their occasional adventures out doors Tammy loves to roll around on the patio before chewing on the lirope. Watch her try to get my attention to let her outside.

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