Mariah Carey’s been singing 'All I Want For Christmas' for years and now Mix 93-1 and Ashley Furniture HomeStore are changing the lyrics! We're now singing 'All I Want Christmas is at Ashley'!

You could win a new piece of furniture for your home just in time for Christmas! To qualify to win a piece of furniture from the Ashley Furniture HomeStore showroom, stop into Ashley Furniture on South Broadway in Tyler, find the perfect piece that will fit your home and take a selfie with that piece! Once you get the selfie with your piece of furniture that you'd like to win upload it to Instagram and tag it using #MixAshleyChristmas and you're qualified!

'All I Want For Christmas Is At Ashley' is brought to you by Ashley Furniture Home Store and Mix 93-1!

Here's a condensed version of the rules:

Go to Ashley Furniture Homestore on South Broadway Avenue in Tyler (next to Bed, Bath and Beyond).

  1. Use your phone to take a selfie of yourself with the piece of furniture you would just love to win.
  2. Upload the picture to Instagram and use the hashtag #mixashleychristmas.Please note, your account can NOT be set to private to have your pictures show up here. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. You're entered!

Here are some key rules to remember:

  1. You must have an Instagram account to be eligible for this contest. If you do not currently have an Instagram account, you can register on your phone via the Instgram app or online at
  2. The photo must include the hashtag #mixashleychristmas. If it doesn't or is spelled incorrectly, it will not show up on this page, which is how we will pick the winner.
  3. You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  4. The piece of furniture you take a picture with cannot cost more than $2,500. If you take a picture with furniture that costs more than $2,500 (such as a mattress set), you can receive a credit of $2,500 but you will be required to pay the difference.
  5. Only one photo entry per person with only one piece of furniture.
  6. Furniture that comes in "sets," such as dining sets with a table and chairs, count as one piece of furniture. But a sofa/loveseat would be considered two different pieces.

Here's the furniture Mix listeners are trying to win from Ashley Furniture Home Store!