Last night was indulgent.  Both my kiddos came away with two pumpkin sacks bulging with goodness.  NOW, I remember my mom and dad pulling the old "need to inspect the candy" before you get into it and the end result was all the good stuff went missing.  I do not do that to my children.  I'm at least honest I make my demands ahead of time.  My rule last night was all Heath and Butterfingers go straight to Mommy!! No exceptions.  Did they eat a lot of candy last night?  Yep.  Did I?  Yep.  Do we have a lot left over?  Yep.  Love all the things you can do with it though. I'm going to try this one: Chocolate Mint Blizzard Shake Freeze peppermint patties or Junior Mints.  Oh, and an extra special love pat for all those evil co-workers who brought in their leftover Halloween candy to the office today.  Grrrr.