This morning at 7:40 Kidd Kraddick called out three names of listners who had signed up online at for the Friends With Benefits contest and one of the names called out was that of Richard Matthews from Lindale!

Richard was the first of the three names called to call in to win his $1000! Then Kidd tried calling one of the names on his friends list and had trouble with the number working. After giving it a couple of more shots, because he felt there was something wrong with the number, he still couldn't get it to go through. Once Kidd announced the name was Lyndie Houston, Richard said she just sent him a text so, Kidd said have her call in to win, but she's gotta do it now!

Kidd looked over the phone lines and said if she's one of the four lines ringing he'll give her the $500 (which isn't how it's played normally, but apparently he wanted to give money away this morning). Sure enough Lynsie was on the phone and won the $500, plus Richard got his additional $500 too!

Now, had Richard gone onto Kidd Kraddick's Facebook page, he would have known Friday's winner was LaTasha Armendariz and would have picked up another $500. But hey, you can't complain about winning an easy $1500 now can ya!

Get yourself qualified to win Friends With Benefits and listen weekdays at 7:40a for your name to be called out by Kidd Kraddick in the Morning.