Rachel Ray is probably the best cook in her family. Not that her husband is bad, but she's got the TV show to prove it. Ladies, on a regular basis, does your husband out-cook you? Many women say yes! Why?
Asia Food Recipe commissioned a survey of more than 2,800 American women and found 58 percent of women think their husbands are better cooks. Sometimes husbands just do more of the cooking and us gals don't have to do it as much. We're often the ones picking up the kids from day care and finishing up work, and husbands scoot home and start dinner.

The survey says the biggest reason women don't cook as much these days, is  “having a partner who does most of the cooking.” Other popular reasons for women not cooking include “not having sufficient time” and “not wanting to clean up afterwards.”

Don't we know it! The cooking part might be fun, but then you have all those dishes to do. It's so much easier to throw away a pizza box and eat on paper plates.

The survey also shows that while 78 percent of women enjoy cooking, most were only able to cook six dishes from memory, without referring to a recipe. Can you do it? Rachel Ray probably can. Not that we should always compare ourselves to others. Rachel just serves as inspiration for those that can't cook their way out of a pasta box.

Eleven percent admit they cannot cook more than three meals without turning to a recipe book or asking for help.

Hey, we have a great idea! Join us Saturday at Women's Night Out, and let someone else do the cooking!  The food will be unbelievable, and we'll have East Texas Restaurants there that maybe you've never tried before, not to mention the favorites you're used to as well -- not to mention, you'll get to see Peter Facinelli, too.  That way, you'll know where to grab your takeout next week.

See you Saturday!