Just about every kid here in East Texas is afraid of needles.  They don't want to get stuck by them but a lot of time it's necessary.  There is piece of equipment that is available to doctors and nurses to make that a lot easier for doctors and nurses to find the veins of little ones and the Children's Miracle Network could help provide this instrument to lessen the pains on little arms.

The equipment is called AccuVein and it basically highlights the veins in the arms where the needle is going to be inserted.  This equipment takes the guess work out of finding veins.  Sometimes it takes multiple attempts to find those little veins.  So imagine if you were a little kid, would you like the nurse to poke you several times in a guessing game or shine the light on your arm and find the vein easier?

For me, it's a no brainer!  I'd choose the AccuVein!  In addition, doctors and nurses are able to use this equipment, which costs around $20,000 in the NICU.  The neonatal intensive care unit can use this device to find even the tiniest of veins on those that are born so early.

This is just one way that your donation to the Children's Miracle Network could be used to help children right here in East Texas.

Check out how it's used.

Support the Mix with Kids Children's Miracle Network Radiothon so that a vein viewer transilluminator, similar to the AccuVein, can possibly be purchased for the pediatric unit at Mother Frances Hospital by calling in your donation now to 903.531.5437 or 800.692.5437