Luke Wade and No Civilians are from right down the road ... well, a little ways down in Fort Worth. But this is a band that's about to make quite an impact on the music scene, and you've got your chance to see them live in Tyler tonight.

Just a couple months ahead of the release of their new album, Luke Wade and No Civilians are playing at Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ in Tyler at 9 p.m. tonight.

You can find a good mix of influence from the likes of Coldplay, Ray Lamontagne and even a little John Mayer in Wade's music. His voice is strong, the music behind his songwriting is infectious and honest and believe me, these guys put on a great live show.

Their new album, "The River," is due out March 21 and their current single "The Runaround" is already making the, well, rounds.

I've been paying attention to these guys for several months now, and the growth in their music has already been astounding. Luke Wade and No Civilians are getting ready to blow up -- I promise you that -- and you can be that person who says, "Hey! I saw them at Stanley's in Tyler that one time ..."

The cover for the show is $7 at the door for ages 21 and up. But we also heard there's a chance you could win free tickets to the show on the Mix 93-1 Facebook page ...

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