I don't think its ever to late to celebrate a milestone in life and a milestone like this one is such an achievement and worth celebrating still. Kellie Rasberry celebrated her 20th anniversary with the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show this past Friday (May 30th) and I feel bad for not mentioning this until now, but it's never too late to show your appreciation for someone though!

Growing up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, I listened to Kidd Kraddick in the morning even before Kellie was a part of the show. Her arrival changed the show for good and I've been a fan ever since. Getting to meet Kellie or anyone on the morning show is an awesome experience and something a lot of people look forward to do, but getting to working for the show was even better. When I was at UT-Arlington in the early-90's I worked as an intern at the radio station the show was based out of.  Each morning I screened phones for the show, I was on the streets giving things away and did quite a bit of other odd things for the show too for a couple of years before moving to Tyler to do radio.  During that time I got to know all of the and I'll say that Kellie is a very sincere person and what you hear on the radio is what you get in real life (in my opinion) and that goes true for the rest of the cast too.

Kellie has achieved a huge milestone in the world of radio, because being at one station, much less on the same show for that time period is very rare. She is a cornerstone of the show and I am honored to call her my friend and thank her for the opportunities she and Kidd Kraddick gave me all those years ago.

As the show celebrated Kellie's 20th anniversary, they created a video of some of the funniest moments featuring Kellie Rasberry

Once you see the video, you've gotta hop on over to KiddNation.com to see the following:

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Thank you Kellie Rasberry for entertaining all these years and for waking up East Texas too! We love you!