Spring break is about to wind down for a lot of East Texans just as the temperatures rebound to more of a spring like feel so getting outdoors and doing something is a bit more tolerable. That was the case for my family yesterday afternoon as I received a call from my wife to meet them at Fire Mountain Amusements on Highway 155 in Tyler yesterday afternoon where they had been with some other friends for a couple of hours already.

Now, it's been a while since I've been out there and remembering the last time I was there, they had the go-karts, bumper boats and mini golf course. Things have changed since. Fire Mountain has added several new rides and has improved the bumper boat and go-kart experiences. My daughter had a wrist band which allowed her to ride all the rides she wanted and didn't have to worry about giving the attendant tickets, which made the afternoon and evening all that much better.

When I arrived she was just getting off this ride that resembled a ferris wheel, but at the same time was like the Zipper at the fair, you could flip yourself around in a circle if you could get up enough momentum while in the cage! However, she was quite content with just riding it around! There are a few rides in the front that are aimed toward the little kids, a small chair swing ride, dolphin ride, a pumpkin and a space train! For the bigger kids and adults they have added a Scrambler ride and another called The Wildcat, which goes around in a circle in a dark building while the music plays and then slows and goes backwards!

Then there are the staples at the park the go-karts and bumper boats! The bumper boats are different too because now they have a water squirter feature in the front, let me tell you, those things work well! I was shot over and over again by everyone on the attraction that I almost needed a towel when I got out of the boat!

The best thing about it for me and my daughter were the go-karts. She loved riding with me in the adult sized cart (although we were a bit cramped) just as much as she enjoyed riding the kid sized cart. During my time on the track, #5 on the adult track was the fastest and for her the #7 orange box car style cart on the kid track was the fastest.

This is what Spring Break is all about!

Needless to say we had an enjoyable time and it was coincidence too that the station purchased two season passes to give away to a Mix VIP the same day! You can enter to win those through your Mix VIP account by Monday, April 15th at noon.

DISCLAIMER - This is not a paid endorsement for Fire Mountain Amusements and was not paid for this article - just an experience I had that I thought was fun and enjoyed to share.