A couple of precious young boys are having a great time at Walt Disney World in Florida thanks to you East Texas!

Nathan Gurrostieta, 6, from Flint and Anthony Herman, 8, from Tyler.
Nathan Gurrostieta

Nathan has Duchenne muscular dystrophy and is a 1st grader at Owens Elementary in Tyler.  His mom, Iris says this trip is very important to her and Nathan because his disease is a progressive disease and gets worse though time.

I asked Nathan who his favorite Disney character is and he really like Mickey Mouse!  What kid doesn't right!  Then I asked him what he's looking forward to the most and he said riding all of the roller coasters!

Nathan was nominated for the trip this year without his mom's knowledge from his group of therapists at Ellis Rehab.  Iris says the group there is amazing and thanks Amanda, Drew and the entire staff.
Anthony Herman is an 8 year of with a congenital heart defect.  He is on the Kidd's Kids trip with his mom and dad,  Kenneth and Kathleen and 2 sisters, Samantha and Abby.

Anthony Herman

While I was talking with Anthony at the hangar at Southwest Airlines at Love Field in Dallas, he was visited by a very important person - the pilot of the plane!  He was excited about meeting him and I believe he got a peek into the cockpit once aboard the plane!

I asked Anthony, if you could take anyone from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show on any ride at Disney World with you, which cast member would it be?  Anthony replied, "Kidd Kraddick!"

I asked Anthony and his sisters which of the Disney characters they are looking forward to the most to see and meet and each of them are looking forward to meeting different ones:
Anthony - all of them - he had to many favorites
Abby - Ariel
Samantha - Mickey Mouse

I asked Anthony's dad Kenneth, why is this trip so important to you and your family?
This is a fun family trip.  It is not a medical trip this time.  Often we are on board planes or in the car going to one doctor visit after another.  This time we don't have an appointment to go to.  Also, it's important too because Samantha and Abby get to go.  It's really nice that Kidd invites the whole family on the trip.

Anothony's mom writes a daily blog about Anthony and you can read it on her blog site.

I think Anthony's dad says it best - it's important too because Samantha and Abby get to go.  It's really nice that Kidd invites the whole family on the trip.  Thanks for your support of Kidd's Kids each year East Texas because YOU make this trip possible.
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