I was just as shocked as you Saturday when I began seeing the Tweets and Facebook posts about the death of Kidd Kraddick. To me, Kidd was more than a morning show host. He was a friend, teacher and mentor. He is going to be missed by so many people including myself.

My radio days began when I was in college and I had the opportunity to intern for 106.1 Kiss FM in Dallas, where Kidd was doing mornings with Kellie Rasberry and JB (who was the morning producer at the time). JB and I would go to a club called Blue Planet every Wednesday night for a station appearance, where one night, he came up with a name for me and told Kidd about it the next morning.

While I was answering phones for the show the next morning "Lucky Butt Larry" was born! Kidd then had me going out on the streets of the metroplex in the Kiss van making appearances.

One of those appearances just happened to be on a day that I had a final scheduled on my last day of my senior year at UTA along with a pretty substantial Texas Lottery jackpot drawing that was happening that night. Kidd had me at a 7-Eleven in Arlington and what happened was pretty funny. Looking back it was a bit embarrassing, but it was fun. It was radio and it's what Kidd was about, having fun and getting the listeners involved and that's EXACTLY what happened!

That's just one of the many memories I have of Kidd Kraddick and one that I will always cherish. If you have a fond memory of Kidd, let me know, leave your comment below.

Remember, as Kidd closed his show every day, "Keep looking up, 'cause that's where it all is."