5 Legal Ways to Get Your Cat High [VIDEOS]
You could call me a cat lady. I am a single 30-something who lives alone with her two cats ... and I have a Catster account, so when I opened up my email today to 5 Totally Legal Ways to Get Your Cat Stoned, I felt I had to share.
Throwback Thursday: Tammy Cat
This Thursday has been a hectic day for me, and I needed a break so I went scrolling through my old photos and dug up one of my old favorites in honor of Throwback Thursday.
20 Animals Who Think They’re People
If we all didn't love anthropomorphic animals so much, there's no way Disney would be as successful as it is. It turns out there's something better than cartoon animals acting like people though -- real animals acting like people.
9 Animals Confused By Trampolines
Raise your hand if you love trampolines! We sure do, particularly because they're like an instant way to revisit our inner five-year-old. While trampolines are no doubt fun, they can be hilariously painful, too (see: epic fails). If you think about it, though, the trampoline concept is also str…
11 Guilty Pets Who Know What They Did
There's nothing surprising about our pets getting into shenanigans when we're not looking. Sometimes we find the little buggers in the act, and what results is adorably hilarious. But other times, we're not lucky enough to catch them red-handed, although their guilty expressions total…
Famous Internet Cats Team Up for Charity
Let's just admit the internet exists for cats. Not scientific research. Cats. Fortunately for us, 13 of the internet's most famous cats are teaming up ... to raise money for charity. We know -- we were a little concerned it might be a "kill all the humans"-style…

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