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Dancing With The Stars Pairings Announced
Nothing can be kept a secret these days!  There are "leaks" all over the place, from artist's songs being "leaked" to the pairings list for Dancing With The Stars, everyone better hike up their pant legs or you're gonna get wet!
ABC announced the list of stars that would be compet…
An Animated Film And Horror Film Are New At The Theaters
This weekend Hollywood is giving us something for the entire family - for the little ones there's an animated movie called Rio which follows the adventures of a bird named Blu, who's on the run from some kidnappers during a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Then for the adults there's Scream 4. This is the …
Showbiz Top 5 – Monday 03.07.11 [VIDEO]
In the Showbiz Top 5 today:  Scarlett Johannson, Sean Penn, Jeremy Renner - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast - Justin Bieber's Mustache - David Arquette Car Crash - Lindsay Lohan Stealing Necklace Surveillance Video
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