Twinkies Are Back!
In the words of Hostess themselves, "You asked for it America. And now, the greatest snacks the world has ever known are back on shelves." We were said to hear they would go, lets get excited they are back!!
There Is a Petition for Obama to Nationalize Twinkies
When the US auto industry was in jeopardy four years ago President Obama stepped in with a bailout package. Now it's the American junk food industry that's in peril, with Hostess Brands closing up shop and heading for liquidation, and some want Obama to take an even more drastic step.
Daniel B. of Ka…
What? No more Twinkies? Hang On, You Can Make Your Own!
I stepped out the studio this afternoon and into the office and there it was, a fresh, unwrapped single Twinkie! I'm sure the grocery and convenience stores are running out of Twinkies and other Hostess products after the word spread that its maker, Hostess / Wonder Bread, was going out of busi…
Iconic Hostess Snack Cake Company to Go Out of Business
Hostess has been making Twinkies and snack cakes since the 1930s, and the company has announced now they're going out of business. Twinkies are about to become a thing of the past!
The company is based in Irving, and with the closure more than 18,500 workers will lose their jobs.