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What Does Big Al Say? – KKITM Best of the Day
A couple of weeks ago Mix 93-1 intern Ashley Spence wrote a story about the viral music video "What Does The Fox Say?" In her story she describes the video from the comedic Norwegian duo asking the simple question, "What does a fox say". This morning J-Si came up …
Jenna Interviews Imagine Dragons Backstage [AUDIO]
Imagine Dragons played two sold out shows this past weekend in Dallas and before the show she had a chance to sit down and talk with guys to get to know them a little better and she asked them "What song do you wish you wrote?" Their answer surprised her!
J-Si’s Bloody Traffic Stop – KKITM Best of the Day
After a tough day on the movie set and filming a bloody fight scene, J-Si was heading home, speeding just a bit and got pulled over by the police. By the time the police had J-Si coming out of the car he realized he still had blood on him from the movie and he had to explain his way out of it!

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