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J-Si’s Bloody Traffic Stop – KKITM Best of the Day
After a tough day on the movie set and filming a bloody fight scene, J-Si was heading home, speeding just a bit and got pulled over by the police. By the time the police had J-Si coming out of the car he realized he still had blood on him from the movie and he had to explain his way out of it!
Big Al Installs A TV In His Bathroom – KKITM Best of the Day
If you've listened to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning for a while, you know how much time he spends in his bathroom. To make time go by a little faster in there he's decided to add a little entertainment to the throne room! But it's what happens after the installation that's the fun…
Kellie Rasberry’s Weekend In Cancun – KKITM Best of the Day
Kellie Rasberry spent the weekend in Cancun, alone! In the infamous words of Mr. Nice Guy, "Must be nice!" She went there alone for relaxation. She was able to relax, but she also did something on the beach that most of us would never do though. Kellie explains in todays Kidd Kradd…
J-Si’s Water Balloon Revenge – KKITM Best of the Day
J-Si took his son Cason out for a walk yesterday in his neighborhood and Cason spotted a clean shiny truck and he wanted to touch it. The neighbor yelled at him 'No' and was going to squirt him with the water hose. J-Si compares the neighbor yelling at his son like he was a dog and that go…

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