Taylor Swift Set To Debut New Video Thursday Night On MTV
When it comes to marketing, Taylor Swift is a master.  Just a couple of weeks ago she made the announcement via YouTube about her new album, Red, and debuted the album's title track "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together".  Now comes word that the video for the son…
Hurricane Isaac Hits Louisiana, and Louisiana Hits Back
If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Hurricane Isaac so far, it’s that the storm has a mind of its own. First it was making a beeline for the Florida panhandle. Then it changed its mind and headed straight for New Orleans. Isaac finally made landfall in Louisiana late Tuesday night, then retreat…
East Texas Book Fest Features 50 Local Authors
Whether you're an avid reader or just a part-time reader, you won't want to miss out on the East Texas Book Fest coming to the UT Tyler Ornelas Activities Center on Saturday, Sept. 8. The event will feature around 50 Texas authors showcasing their work, and the event is highlighted by bask…
Hopes are High for the New High School Football Season
It’s that time of year when movie theaters and restaurants are deserted on Friday nights, because everyone flocks to high school football games. Football in Texas is king, and with the new season upon us, hopes are high that our teams are going to impress and win.
What are the expecta…
Our 5 Favorite Viral Videos Of The Summer
There is no doubt that this summer was one of the biggest the internet has ever seen. YouTube was filled with some of the best videos we have ever seen. As difficult as it was to narrow it down, we picked 5 of our favorite videos from this summer...
Some Texans Are Calling 911 for Mosquito Bites
Yes, West Nile is a huge concern across Texas and 47 other US states right now. At last check, there were 19 confirmed cases of West Nile in East Texas.
But it’s not necessary to call 911 when you notice a mosquito bite. Are people really doing that?
Allowances for Kids Keep Going Up
Kids have a pretty sweet situation with allowance money these days.
I think I scored $2 per week from my parents to start, and then later on I got an extra $1.50 or $2 for mowing certain sections of the yard. That’s how I could afford those hot eleven dollar jeans!
The average allowance nowadays is ju…
Moore MST Magnet School Is Going Green
Students at Moore MST Magnet School in Tyler will notice some new additions to their campus when they return to school on Monday.  Five new hydration stations have been installed around the campus.  The goal is to reduce the use of plastic water bottles and encourage recycling and reuse.

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