Kylie Minogue Weighs In on Lady Gaga + Madonna Rivalry
It’s a battle of the blondes!
Kylie Minogue reigns supreme at the top of the pop music food chain in Europe, namely in England. Since she knows a thing or two or 10 about pop divadom, she was put on the spot by host Andy Cohen for the ‘Plead the Fifth’ interview …
Katy Perry Wants to Emulate Madonna’s Career
Madonna knows how to sustain a career for decades, and that’s something Katy Perry seeks to do. In a new interview, the bubblegum (and peppermint, cupcake, popcorn and whatever else she can put on her boobs) princess revealed she wants to take after the Queen of Pop.
See Madonna on Set of ‘Turn Up the Radio’ Video
Madonna is rocking a larger-than-life, Adele-style bouffant in photos taken from the set of her ‘Turn Up the Radio’ video. We obviously have to wait for the vid to be cut and edited, but these sexy images will tide us over until the big premiere...
Madonna Flashes Rear End in Rome [NSFW]
Oops, she did it again!
First a nipple and now her rear end! Madonna has no fear, and not just because she has those very words scrawled on her back. In this NSFW live video from the Rome stop of her MDNA tour last night (June 12), she intentionally flashed her butt.
Music’s Sexiest Man and Woman Are…
A few week's back began conducting a poll asking their readers to vote for the sexiest man and woman in pop music today and I was wondering if the results of that poll would be the same as a poll conducted here in East Texas, so I asked the same question online and the results are…
Is Madonna Backtracking Her Lady Gaga Diss?
The Madonna vs. Lady Gaga feud has been boiling over lately, with Madge including ‘Born This Way’ in a bratty mashup of ‘Express Yourself’ and ‘She’s Not Me,’ in what felt like a catty cheap shot. Gaga responded while performing in New Zealand, refusing to sink to Madge’s level or to dignify it with…
Madonna Might Be Sued Over Swastika Stunt
Madonna drew controversy — nothing new in her world as she has been a magnet for it over the course of her entire career — at her MDNA tour opener in Tel Aviv. She caused a buzz for depicting French National Front leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika superimposed on her forehead.

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