Self-Gifting Is Big This Year
While you're out doing the holiday shopping and buying gifts for everyone else, are you tempted to splurge on something for yourself?
This idea of self-gifting was actually part of the sermon I heard at church yesterday, so I did a little more investigating and dug up some interesting facts.
My past…
Your Packages Are On the Way…Cyber Monday Sales Were HUGE
The Research firm ComScore says sales this past Monday were around $1.46 BILLION. That's up 17 percent from the $1.25 billion total of 2011. We spent dollars like crazy online Monday. Don't you wonder how much of that was done at work? We didn't get much done at work that day. We were too busy …
Ten Worst Gifts Bought During the Holidays
It's 'Black Friday' and folks are out in droves looking for that great deal! Beware shoppers, in the all the excitement and Choas of 'Black Friday" you could make some poor choices. Here's a list of some of the "not so good" finds, according to Huf…
Thieves Like Electronics Too
Once you buy those highly-sought-after goods on Black Friday, do you leave them in plain sight in your car as you make your way to the next store?
Tyler police are offering tips to protect yourself and your goods during the holiday shopping season. Among the tips; hide the loot!
Electronics Top Most Wish Lists
A new Nielsen survey says most kids age 6-12 want an iPad most of all this Christmas. Most adults would probably rather have that than a new sweater too.
The new Nintendo Wii U comes in second on most wish lists, and then the iPod Touch and iPad Mini.
The price range on those gifts is $199 for the iP…
2012 Black Friday Deals + Business Hours in Tyler
Black Friday is only a week away and it's time to start preparing. We gave you tips on how to do well on your Black Friday shopping, but how can you do that if you don't know where the best deals are? Here is a list of when the biggest stores in Tyler will be opening, along with some of th…

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