I've lost track of the number of times that I have listened to the Hunger Games Triology. Yes, I said listen - I have the audio books downloaded to my iPhone - and I listen while doing housework and working in my yard. I find reading to be luxurious, and have a difficult time making myself sit down to read.

Instead of reading, I listen to books on a regular basis. I downloaded the Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games in the Spring of 2011 while I was building a large flower bed in my backyard to help the time pass by quickly, and before I knew it I had listened to all three books over the weekend.

I was hooked. Katniss Everdeen, played by Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence, was a strong heroine, something that most girls are unfamiliar with from childhood. We've seen so many damsels in distress through the traditional fairy tales, Disney movies and even in the more recent Twilight Series - until the last half of the final book - that culturally it appears to be our role in society.

Katniss Everdeen is a young lady that knows how to survive, hunt and nurture her family on her own. She learns to provide food for her family after father dies in an unfortunate mining accident, and finds a hunting partner to help in efforts.

When her sister, Prim, is selected as a tribute for the 74th Annual Hunger Games, Katniss volunteers to take her place vowing to do all she can to win and return home. The first book and film show Katniss fighting in the arena during the Hunger Games.

When I first learned of the premise of the Hunger Games, I didn't think I could stomach a story about children killing each other, but I was intrigued. It sounded like a bizarre twist on Gladiators and reality TV. Despite the painful content, I enjoyed Katniss' storyline and like the members of the Capitol audience was intrigued by her relationship with Peeta.

In Catching Fire, things literally heat up in a variety of ways and I can't wait to see the way it is portrayed on the big screen. Jennifer Lawrence was fantastic in the first film, showing Katniss' vulnerability and her underlying determination to beat the odds. I cannot wait to see how she is shown touring the Districts and interacting with previous victors during the Third Quarter Quell.

I think I am most excited to see how the costume department brings Cinna's fashions to life as Katniss and Peeta tour each district. If the trailer is any indication, it's going to be remarkable.



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