Once you buy those highly-sought-after goods on Black Friday, do you leave them in plain sight in your car as you make your way to the next store?

Tyler police are offering tips to protect yourself and your goods during the holiday shopping season. Among the tips; hide the loot!

Leaving clearly-labeled boxes in your car in plain sight may have thieves licking their chops. If they can see it, they can steal it. It's best to lock the goods away in your trunk, or bury them under blankets or something else inside your vehicle that will block them from view.

Police do have extra surveillance in high-traffic shopping areas like Broadway Square Mall, and they're watching for thieves that may be peeking into windows looking for a smash-and-grab. But we as consumers have to vigilant too.

Us gals have to keep an eye on our purses at all times. If we leave it in the cart and turn our backs for a few seconds, that's all the time a thief needs to swipe it. KETK offers more.

As if the holiday season wasn't stressful enough, we have thieves to worry about. But with a few simple precautions we can reduce our risk of losing our loot to criminals.