As I sit here at work snacking on Chex mix, I present this question to ponder: What are the jobs most at risk for weight gain? And good news: one Tyler group has plans to help us fight off the pounds.

The reasons behind on-the-job weight gain are plentiful, from sitting at a desk too long and not being able to exercise, to feeling pressure to eat the food that co-workers bring in. Those dang co-workers! Stop the brownie madness.

Do you have one of the jobs where weight gain is most likely? We'll list the top jobs where people pack on the pounds, according to

Here are the jobs where you're most likely to gain weight because of sedentary days and high stress:

Travel Agent
Social Worker
Administrative Assistant
Protective Services like Police and Firefighters
Marketing/Public Relations Professional
Information Technology Professional

Tyler's Fit City Coalition has announced a community-wide weight loss challenge, Lighten Up East Texas, as part of the Fit City program. A website is being developed right now where you'll be able to track fitness and keep track of the pounds that melt away. The contest starts in the fall and runs through this time next year, so there will be plenty of time to hit your goal.

Now back to the snacks! It is Friday after all, and we need an indulgence at work. We'll just have to go for the apple slices this time.