UPDATE Sunday 9:55 a.m.:

A Press Conference was held this morning in Canton to update citizens on the affects of the deadly tornadoes last night.

They are requesting that visitors not attend First Monday Trades Day today, so they can work to clean up the flooding. Tornadoes did not directly affect the Trades Day site.

Citizens are also asked to conserve water, and are reminded to avoid power lines that may be down. Encor is in the area, and are working hard to restore power. Cell service is spotty, if you are missing loved ones you are requested to call the Red Cross at 1-866 RED CROSS.

Again, volunteers are asked to hold off. First Responders are trained to react to these situations. Volunteers are asked to contact the Red Cross, to learn how they can best help.

The National Weather Service is in the area to asses the number and strength of the tornadoes that moved through Van Zandt County.

Another briefing will held at 3 p.m. in Canton, as information is fluid at this time.


UPDATE Sunday 9:15 a.m.:
Canton Fire & Rescue is requesting that citizens not use drones in area on their facebook page, helicopters are currently surveying the damage in Van Zandt County.

They are also noting that they appreciate the outpouring of East Texans who want to help, and request that they follow the facebook page for updates, as they are still organizing and surveying the damage.

Texas Task Force 2, an urban search and rescue team to assist with the efforts in Van Zandt County.


  UPDATE Sunday at 8:50 a.m.: At least five fatalities have been confirmed after tornadoes ripped through Van Zandt County last night. 56 people have been hospitalized at ETMC as of Sunday morning. KLTV Reporter Doug Murray shows you in the video the site that was supposed to host the Edgewood High School Prom was destroyed last night. https://www.facebook.com/KLTV7News/videos/10158622810755416/ The Dodge dealership on I-20 in Canton, was demolished. We know East Texans want to help. As Van Zandt County leadership is still organizing volunteer efforts, you can donate to the American Red Cross who have shelters set up in the communities affected.

If you've been listening to the radio or watching local tv this afternoon then you are aware of the significant tornado outbreak in East Texas.

One person has been confirmed dead, while dozens more have been injured across East Texas with the tornado outbreak that has occurred this afternoon.

Our weatherman, Mark Scirto, has been covering this severe storm system live on television, and on our radio stations for over four hours this evening. Encouraging people in the path of these storms to get inside a small windowless interior room. We may have laughed about the memes produced on Facebook last week, but today has been proof that it's so important to remember that message of safety that Mark continues to hit home.

Watching the reports tonight, I've been crying. KLTV reporter Bob Hallmark has been on the scene at Canton High School, where a triage center has been set up. Bob has been reporting back to Mark with information about debris inflicting injuries due to high winds, and families searching for loved ones.

The emotion conveyed on their broadcast tonight has been incredibly moving. Here's a look at the storm captured by Southcentral Storm Chasers on Facebook Live:

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