We love our weather man. Mark Scirto, who is the Chief Meterologist at KLTV Channel 7, and known for his excellent severe weather coverage, in which he instructs people to 'get to a small windowless interior room.' Here in lies the meme.

Someone not affiliated with KLTV, our weather partners, nor Mark Scirto created a Facebook page Friday night filled with hilarious memes of Mark and his severe weather coverage. While we find these to be particularly funny, we take our severe weather coverage seriously, and so does Mark.

He not only covers the weather on TV, but takes his message of safety to local East Texas schools with his Project Tornado program. We love these memes, because they not only feature our favorite weatherman, but share his important safety message!

Mark talks about the time he called to check on his son during severe weather, and shared it with his audience.

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