I have been accused of being a "Pollyanna" before. No matter how devastating the situation, I always try to find the silver lining. It's just how I am, I guess.

There have been some really rotten things that have happened in my life and the way that I deal with tragedy is to either be optimistic or to find the humor in the matter.

I said all that to say, we are almost over the hump of this disastrous winter storm. The weather is supposed to start getting warmer again! State and federal assistance (FEMA) is supposedly on the way to help rescue us from busted water mains and pipes and replenish the shelves in our grocery stores. People and businesses from all over the country are pouring in donations to bring in free gallons of water, food, and generators to provide heat and warmth in our cold Texas homes. Volunteers are busy donating plasma to blood banks so they can assist with the shortages, and our roadways are slowly getting more passable, which means deliveries are coming back! So there's one thing that is a positive.

While it has been a super tough week for everybody in Texas, some of us have had more heartbreaking ordeals to tend to than others. One family in Houston has lost a pre-teen who froze to death in his home, likely due to hypothermia. Families across the state have experienced waiting in long lines at the grocery store, only to get inside the store and find the shelves completely empty and many gas stations have run out of gas. A few warehouses and businesses are seeing their roofs caving in due to the heavy weight of the snow and ice. Others still have lived through this week with no power (i.e. no heat) AND no running water.

My heart has been with each one of you and if I could snap my fingers and fix everything for us, I would have done so last week in a heartbeat! Keep the faith!

Here are 10 of the most shocking scenes from all over Texas these last few days.

10 Shocking Scenes from the Texas Winter Freeze

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