The drive-thru is a great tool for when I’m on lunch and don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy my meal. Also, I’m in a judgement free zone when I’m wearing pajamas or anything outside of normal clothing. Since it's National Drive-Thru Day (July 24, 2017), we thought it would make sense to put out a reminder that the people serving you behind the intercom or from the window are just that - people. So be nice, treat people with respect and everyone will happily continue with their day. Oh, and don't throw an alligator (that actually happened in Florida last year)!

Delish put out an article 8 Things You Should Never Do at a McDonald's Drive-Thru Window, so we were inspired to ask our friends.

You don’t want to be a nuisance and have other patrons waiting longer than normal for their food. Here are a couple of rules you should follow after we asked folks in Tyler - some who have worked the window, and some who haven't:

  • Make sure you have money.
  • USE THE MENU!!!!!!
  • Know what you want off the menu.
  • Adding an order at the second window [Delish]
  • Don’t order other items from other restaurants.
  • Ask them to throw away your garbage [Delish]

Those are a few rules to follow, but I opened this question up on social media and here are their responses.

So do us both a favor... Don’t be a McA$$ in the drive-thru. Now go get your burger on!

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