It's no secret that COVID-19 made a lot of us look back and go "eww that's gross I can't believe I shared that". I feel like many of us came out of this pandemic germaphobes. If you were a germaphobe before the pandemic you're probably excited that others now feel what you have always felt. I always winced when I found out people didn't wash their hands after using the restroom. Seriously I once quit dating a guy because he didn't wash his hands regularly, it grossed me out.

Although I have found love, my partner is still very uneasy about sharing a fork with me. Heaven forbid one day we end up stranded with one toothbrush, I am pretty sure he would go without and just not brush his teeth. I can't hate on the man, there are just some things we should never share. A survey asked 2,000 couples what are the top things they refuse to share and I can't help but agree with most of these.

I am the big girl in my relationship, so my partner could never share his t-shirt with me, otherwise, I'd stretch out his clothes pretty bad. I am starting to wonder if he had a lot to do with this survey, it sounds like he wrote it to justify why he won't give me his bank account info.

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