There is something about being a Texan.  Texas is a great state to live.

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It's also a great state to meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

According to Counseling Psychology,  84% of Americans are genuinely content in their romantic relationships.  They conducted a study to find the states where couples are happiest.

Texas ranks #11 state with the happiest couples

The number one most important trait in a relationship according to the Texans surveyed was communication.  Communication can be tough for couples, but without communication between partners, you cannot find a healthy balance in a relationship.

Is everything more serious in Texas?

This was somewhat disheartening, but Texas was #4 where couples laugh the least together.

What about conversation?

Texan couples love to talk, 69% of couples in Texas have deep, meaningful conversations with their partner.

Everyone in Texas is having too many deep conversations, and apparently forget to laugh.

Here's an interesting fact about the generation of couples

For Gen Z and millennials, communication is the most important factor.  Those in Gen X are about respect, and the Baby Boomers say honesty is the cornerstone of happiness in a relationship.

What's the best state in the US for happy couples?


Unfortunately, Wisconsin was at the bottom of the list, it must be all that cheese.

When it comes to being happy in a relationship, it's not always the place you are at, it's about the person you are with and the commitment you have made.  Relationships are hard work, and with great communication, you can be happy anywhere.

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