Just yesterday I wrote some tips on how to avoid being targeted by Porch Pirates. As I started doing more research I found out just how bad this problem has become, not only here in East Texas but all across the country. There are millions of dollars worth of packages that are stolen each year and a large majority of these criminals get away with it. But there are some that face not only charges but social justice as videos of them committing the crime end up on social media.

You would think that most people, even thieves, realize that there are camera just about everywhere. If you commit a crime, there is a good chance that it was caught on camera and there will be repercussions for your actions. But some people don't care and the temptation is just too much and they end up stealing items.

There are Some People That Are Fighting Back Against Porch Pirates

Some people have had enough with these thieves and are fighting back by putting some fake packages out on their doorstep, some filled with glitter so it makes a gigantic mess. Others as seen in a video below just waits and then takes physical action. PLEASE, if you encounter a thief don't start a fight, contact law enforcement.

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Hopefully Soon Porch Pirates Will Soon Be a Thing of the Past

With all the cameras, and new ways to combat porch pirates lets hope that soon this criminal activity will be a thing of the past. Really, no one leaves expensive items outside of their home anymore, everyone has learned that lesson. But unfortunately, these criminals are just looking for a quick score, so for now we will have to continue taking videos of them and shaming them online as seen in the videos below.

Here is a video of a guy high centering his vehicle attempting to be a porch pirate:

@shaunalisa#porchpirate #thief #crimetok #caughtoncamera #viral #crime #SimlishSessions #CompleteMyLook

♬ original sound - ShaunaLisa

Going after a PS5 box...

We left a PS5 bait package to see if anyone would steal it. #YearOnTikTok #HelloWinter #fyp #xyzbca

♬ original sound - Jeff Swift Saxton

Owner tells porch pirate to put items back...

@cctvvidsHe got busted 😂 #fyp #viral #doorcam #securitycamera #packagethief

♬ original sound - CCTV Vids

Porch pirate chokeslam...

Reply to @imtibor #porchpiratecaught #theif

♬ original sound - Tibor

Finding out your neighbor is the thief...

@spookstvgaming#porchpiratecaught #angrykaren #thief #badneighbors well I’m not helping out as the thief I don’t like an the parcel belongs to angry Karen 😂😂😂

♬ original sound - Ashley Haynes

Running back to truck in the middle of the road...

Porch pirates getting bolder every day #caughtoncamera #porchpiratecaught #ringdoorbell

♬ Squid Game - Carrot

Amazon worker took the package...

@tarayearykingDriver stealing delivered package #delivery #porchpiratecaught #lastdayofwork

♬ original sound - Tara King

Looks like she noticed the camera...

Porch pirate gets caught! Smile, you’re on candid camera!! 💪🏼😂 #porchpirate #caught #eustisfl

♬ original sound - erocka116

Package taken just minutes after it was dropped off...

@taylortower3The package contents make it funny #ClearGenius #packagethief #amazon #porchpiratecaught

♬ Oh no, oh no, oh no, no no - Hip Hop

Woman yells to put her shoes back...


♬ original sound - Rae

Theft isn't funny, but KARMA will come back around to these porch pirates.

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