It’s just one of those things that is known in Texas, football is a big part of life. We are talking about kids that get started playing as young as possible with hopes and dreams of one day putting on an NFL jersey. Most kids will not have that dream come true, but most football fans in Texas still love to cheer on “America’s Team” the Dallas Cowboys. Although I will say that the Houston Texans are creating a lot of buzz right now too. But right now, the biggest football team in Texas is the Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys
Michael Barera via Wikimedia Commons

The Dallas Cowboys have a rich history having won the NFC championship eight times and Super Bowl champions five times. The last time the Cowboys won the Super Bowl was in 1995, but they also won in 1992 and 1993. The Cowboys were a dynasty team in the 1990s and gained many fans, including some celebrities on the list below. Although many of the names you see below as Cowboys fans have been supporting the team before their success in the 90s.  

Lots of Famous Texans Remain Dallas Cowboys Fans 

It’s fun to see so many celebrities from Texas still hanging on to their roots and cheering for their hometown team the Cowboys. One thing is for sure, all the celebrities listed below would love to see Dak and the Cowboys win the Super Bowl again this year. 

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Let’s Look at the Celebrities that Love the Dallas Cowboys 

Here is a look at some of the big celebrities that seem to show love to the Dallas Cowboys. 

List of Well-Known Celebrities That Love the Dallas Cowboys

Here is a look at some of your favorite celebrities that all love the same NFL team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Photos From the Past

These Dallas Cowboys cheerleader photos date back to the 1970s.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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