One of the fastest speeding tickets handed out in the State of Texas in 2016 was written in Cherokee County on FM 2138. In a report conducted by the Houston Chronicle, they scoured through hundreds and thousands of speeding tickets from the Texas Department of Public Safety from 2016 and found that state troopers were handing out speeding tickets to some who just couldn't obey the posted speed limit.

Their results showed that a state trooper wrote a ticket to a motorcycle driver that was going 209 mph on U.S. 190 through Coryell County in a 60 mph zone. The second highest speed offender also came from Coryell County on U.S. 190 and they were clocked at 167 mph on their 2007 Suzuki motorcycle.

Apparently motorcycle drivers need to ease up on the throttle a bit, especially Coryell County! The troopers in that part of the state weren't the only ones issuing tickets for speed offenders. In Cherokee County State Troopers issued a ticket to the driver of a 2007 Yamaha for doing 135 mph in a 55 mph zone along FM 2138. This speed violator came in at number 30 on the list that was published in the Houston Chronicle.

Motorcycles weren't the only offenders with high speeds, there were cars and trucks on this list too!

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