A scary situation was avoided earlier this week in Longview, Texas. School shootings are nothing to joke about and should not be taken lightly. Even the threat of such an action needs to be taken seriously. It doesn't matter if its a passing conversation or if the threat is made on social media out of frustration, making even the slightest hint at such an action will get someone in serious trouble. That's what happened at Longview LEAD Academy earlier this week.

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We've All Gotten in Trouble at School

We've all had that moment in school where we didn't act right and were sent to the office to face some kind of discipline. No one likes that including the student, the teacher who had to send the student to the office or the principal who is about to carry out a punishment. For those of us who are a little older, we then had to face punishment at home from our mom and dad. In other words, its not fun to not act right while in class.

Threat Against the School

One student at LEAD Academy in Longview had a disagreement with a teacher. Because of that disagreement, the student had to be sent to the office. It was here that the student took to the social media platform, Snapchat, and made a threat against the school.

<p>oh hood imma shoot this bih up (middle finger emoji)</p><p>(name redacted) white ahh first (saluting emoji)</p>

This post was flagged by Snapchat who then sent it to the FBI who then alerted Longview Police. Backgrounds in the video were matched up to the interior of the school along with a timestamp that was the same time the student was in the office. The post was also tagged Longview Early Graduation High School. Police were able to arrest 17-year-old Michael Crosby for making the threat.

Michael Crosby - Longview Police
Michael Crosby - Longview Police

Crosby is charged with exhibiting firearms on campus or school bus which is a 3rd-degree felony. He was released on a $7,500 bond.

Let's hope that Mr. Crosby can take this moment, learn from it and make better decisions as he moves forward in life.

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