When someone mentions animal sacrifice, most would think that its something that died off in the 1800's. But even in 2023, animal sacrifice is still a thing practiced by certain religions. It is perfectly legal under a Supreme Court ruling in 1993 that protects acts of faith. However, if a sacrifice is performed, there are proper ways to dispose of the body and humane ways to carry out the sacrifice. If these are not followed, then citations or even jail time can be the consequence. Either of those may happen after sacrificial animal carcasses were found on a Galveston, Texas beach.

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When and Where the Remains Were Found

Around 6:30 a.m. Sunday, February 5, a beach goer in Galveston stumbled across the remains of two goats, three chickens and a pigeon. The goats were missing their heads. Police were called to the scene to investigate. It is believed that these animals were part of a Santeria animal sacrifice ceremony.

It is believed that this ceremony took place on the beach. While this type of ceremony is perfectly legal, fines could be issued for not properly disposing of the animal carcasses. If its determined that these animals were sacrificed inhumanely, its very possible that animal cruelty charges can be filed (click2houston.com).

What is Santeria?

Santería is an African religion that developed in Cuba in the 19th century. It combines Yoruba of West Africa, Catholicism and Spiritism. Santeria is also known as Regla de Ocha, Regla Lucumí, or Lucumí. Creyentes, believers of Santeria, believe in deities called oricha. They believe that each human has a personal link to an oricha. Animals are sacrificed so that the oricha can eat the blood so that the lifeforce of the animal can strengthen the deity (Wikipedia).

Galveston police say this is not the first time that animal remains have been found on that beach due to this animal sacrifice.

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