Being from Texas is something that most people are proud to talk about. Texans work hard and play hard and we’re authentic in who we are as people. Most Texans are going to shoot you straight and give you the honest truth, because you’re only as good as your word. It’s just part of being a Texas, but there are some dead giveaways that you can show that will instantly prove that you’re not from Texas. 

Texas Respect

One of the biggest insults you can throw at a person around Texas is simple, “You aren’t from around here, are you?” The quick insult will get anyone to sit up straight and question what they are doing. In Texas people love the culture and the way of life, so it’s best to go with the flow. Do not attempt to change things in Texas as people have grown accustomed to the way things go, and most would prefer to not deal with any change.  

Avoid Doing These Specific Things in Texas 

There are certain things that are going to make you look like you’re from out of town. It’s okay to be from out of town, but you might want to learn the way things are done in Texas, so you don’t get the raised eyebrow look from other Texans.  

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Here are the Things to Avoid in Texas 

Here is a list of some dead giveaways that show you’re not from Texas. Again, it’s okay if you make these mistakes, just know that you might get the ultimate Southern saying, “Bless Your Heart.” 

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