Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop stars on the planet ("the planet" alone seems modest, really...the universe feels more fitting). And while she undoubtedly churns out the hits, the former Destiny's Child singer couldn't have gotten to this point without her endlessly loyal hardcore fans, aka the BeyHive.

Queen Bey has amassed a strong legion of devotees who not only hang on her every lyric and masterfully belted note, but also jump to her defense when any and all shade is attempted to be thrown her way.

While it's easy to guess that most of her fans are the thousands of people like ourselves filling the seats of her shows each night, a slew of stars have also shown their love for Beyoncé. Whether praising her latest studio album Lemonade or simply bowing to her sheer power as an artist, check out 25 stars who are proud to be part of the BeyHive in the gallery above.

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