There are a couple of fascinating themed rental properties in Lubbock. I've covered everything from a snuggly Christmas-themed Airbnb where you can celebrate your favorite holiday year-round, to an entire rental park comprised of tiny homes made from grain silos. I came across another fun one today that I think you'll get a kick out of...especially if you're all about the T-Swift...

The rental is called "The Getaway Era" and features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and every amenity you can imagine. There are Taylor Swift photos, paintings, posters, and random memorabilia ALL over the house. It's a total vibe, and it looks like a great place for slumber parties and girly weekend getaways.

Guess what the shower curtain looks like?

Task a tour of the T-Swift-themed rental below:

This Taylor Swift-Themed Lubbock Rental is Pretty Adorable

Imagine the slumber parties...

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

What do you think? I like how they added a record player and a selection of her records for you to enjoy while you're staying on the property. That's a pretty cool touch. They did a great job with the color scheme too. I'm not even a huge T-Swift fan and I still want to go stay the weekend there.

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