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  • 11 shot and injured
  • No fatalities
  • 3 arrests have been made

Gunfire rang out in the early morning of Sunday, April 23rd after the Jasper High School Prom. Officers arrived on the scene of a large house party with an estimated 250 students and adults in attendance at a private residence on County Road 263.

They found 9 injured teenagers between the ages of 15 and 19, one of which was transferred to a Beaumont, Texas hospital. During the course of the investigation, there were 2 more teenagers also identified as injured.

Today according to kjas.com the Jasper County Sheriff's Department announced three arrests have been made in connection with the prom after-party shooting. There have been no motives or names given so far in regard to the injured or the suspects.

Arrests Made At A Home Near Newton High School

The Jasper Police Department obtained a search warrant on a home close to Newton High School in Newton, Texas. Their investigation is still ongoing and there should be another press conference from the Jasper County Sheriff's Office tomorrow that will give us more details.

There was a second shooting shortly after the one at the after-party, and a common vehicle was spotted at both locations. There were no injuries at the second location, but it could be a major clue in this investigation.

With so many witnesses at the party, authorities have said they spent a considerable amount of time attempting to unravel exactly what happened that night. Jasper Police, the Jasper County Sheriff's Office, and the Texas Department of Public Safety are all deeply involved in bringing the shooter or shooters to justice.

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