With Thanksgiving almost here and families traveling across America to be together, it's a good time to think about how to entertain yourself at the airport.

After spending some time at an airport this weekend, I realized just how entertaining airports can be. Check out my favorite ways to waste time while waiting for a flight here:

People Watch

There are fascinating people at airports - business people, parents trying to keep their kids under control, athletic teams, celebrities, college students flying home and world travelers. And if you think it's difficult to tell them apart, you're wrong. All it takes is a little practice. Grab a seat where you can watch people rush by when they are trying to find their gate and just observe.


More than likely you'll be spending some time waiting on your flight - so why not venture through the airport? You never know what...or who...you'll find! Make a point to go find a restaurant you really like at another gate and spend some time waiting there. And delicious food always makes your day a little better!

Start a Conversation

Make a new friend, especially if you're flying by yourself. There are tons of interesting people at airports and most of them are willing to share their story. Grab a seat next to someone and just start chatting, you never know what you could have in common with them.

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