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'Al Mack, please meet your party at baggage carousel four inside terminal three.'

If you're at the airport, amusement park, big box retailer or sporting event, you can often times hear announcements being made over a loud speaker to find someone. When I worked for Six Flags Over Texas quite a while back, we would constantly hear pages over the parks' public address system often time to locate the parents of a lost child or the parents of a child or teenager that had done something wrong in the park.

There's just something about hearing your name being called out over a loud speaker. It could sometimes make people think you're a really important person and someone is looking for you or leave you wondering why someone is being paged overhead in a crowd.

Well, Big Al shared with us the time he used to page himself while in the airport ... just to hear his name being called out. Producer Nick took that one step further during the show this morning and turned it into a running joke for the day.

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