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The game of life is difficult. Each day we are faced with many difficult choices that we must make, from when to brake while driving before we rear-end another car, to taking the proper dosage of our medication, to paying for the merchandise that we want, and settling arguments in an adult manner. However, there are some people in Smith County, Texas who didn't make the right decision for them and it landed them behind bars.

Those that don't play by the rule book and choose to make decisions that go against the law will be on law enforcement's radar and they will eventually be caught. When they are caught they'll be charged with the crime they are suspected of and it could range from a misdemeanor all the way up to a first-degree felony. The following suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

These people are charged with some serious crimes in Smith County. At least of the charges listed underneath their name had reached a felony level - whether it is a state jail felony or third-, second- or first-degree felony.

Driving While Intoxicated 3rd Time

Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence in East Texas and not limited to just Smith County. Driving intoxicated puts your life in jeopardy along with anyone else that may be in your vicinity. People have been charged with DWI two times and the third time it is considered to be an automatic felony.

In addition to DWI, felony arrests were made because of possession of illegal drugs, sex offender violations, and impersonating a public servant. Each of these individuals is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The charges they face could also be reduced to a misdemeanor in some cases, however, at the time of this publication at least one listed charge is a felony. All information has been provided by the Smith County Sheriff's Office through an open records request.

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The game of life is full of choices and some of the choices these individuals made landed them behind bars with a felony charge. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty in a court off law.

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