I'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say that marriage is a very sacred institution with traditional values. Going through the traditional manner of meeting the woman/man of your dreams, getting to know them and their families. Then the guy gets the guts to propose, and if he's lucky and she says “YES” wedding plans are next.

However, Lifetime has a television show called Married at First Sight.  It’s a docuseries that follows six brave individuals who legally get married the moment they meet.  From Guide Live, the show is coming to Dallas and they are looking for adventurous singles from the Lone Star state who are willing to say “I do” to any random individual.

The couples will live together for 8 weeks and afterwards decide if they want to stay married or not, which would explain Lifetime’s spin-off show Married at First Sight: Second Chances.  On the show, there is a panel that includes a sociologist, a relationship expert, and a marriage counselor who put together couples who meet for the first time at the altar.

To be eligible you must meet the requirements:

  • Single
  • Brave
  • Ready to find the love of your life
  • Between the ages of 26-35
  • Most importantly, exhausted all dating options

If you are interested you can send an email to mafsdallas@gmail.com or fill out their questionnaire by clicking here.

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